A wide variety of cultural places can be visited nearby or in the region Loire-Anjou-Touraine. In addition to the events, theatre, concerts, exhibitions, and seasonal activities, we advise you to contact directly the Offices of Tourism (see http://office.tourisme-richelieu.fr). We offer below a list, containing local cinemas and most important historical, artistic cultural sites in the region. This list is, of course, not complete.  
The small village of Luzé, located at 2/3km of the Abbey and  surrounding villages offer you the many recreational facilities.

1. Old postcard where we see the village of Luzé, church, town hall, coffee | 2. Church Luzé (Photo MOG, March 2009)

 ANGLING: on the pond Luzé.

Fishing licenses are available for sale at "La Clef des champs" (Luzé). Fishing may also be practiced in one of the many ponds located nearby (Marcilly-sur-Vienne at 6 km) or one of the tributary rivers or river nearby (Vienne, Creuse, Veude, Loire, etc. ) for trout, carp, roach etc.;



The Equestrian Center "Hippo lLgis " (indoor riding school career and outdoor) in Luze. Course, walking, jumping, horse games, camps, passing "gallops", etc.. Graduate teacher, quality and, not least, very nice!


TENNIS : on the communal field of Luzé.  Information from the town hall.

FOOTBALL : on the communal field of Luzé ; information at the city hall

GOLF AND MINI-GOLF: mini-golf in the communal field of Luzé. Clubs available from "La Clef des champs". To practice at Braslou (9km); golf at Lake St Cyr (41km).
For more information:

Canoe and kayak on Marcilly Vienna 6 km); walks Gabares in Chinon on the Vienne (28km) at Candes St Martin at the confluence of the Loire and Vienne
(http://www.decouvrez.fr/candes-saint-martin-bateau-amarante.html), at Chisseaux (under the arches of the castle of Chenonceaux), etc.
See alsow: http://www.rando-valdeloire.fr

SWIMMING AND WATER SPORTS: Swimming in the pool of the abbaye (10mx5m with roman steps) and in rivers (rivers, beaches) as Pouzay (11km) or Marcilly-sur-Vienne (7 km). Water sports on specific locations such as Lake St. Cyr (41km): sailing, kayaking, pedals, etc.
PETANQUE : on the communal field of Luzé;
WALKING / BY BIKE : through various paths.
For more information: :

DARTS AND BILLIARDS : in « Clefs des champs » (Luzé) ;
ADVENTURE ET WOODS : parc of Saint-Benoît Aventure : adventure in the trees of St Benoît la Forêt ( internet link : http://www.saintbenoitaventure.com/questions.html) (37 km) et Fantasy Forest ( internet link: http://www.fantasyforest.fr) (79 km);





ULM / BALLOONING / HELICOPTER : many ULM clubs nearby: : Rilly-sur-Vienne (7,5km), Châtellerault (27km), Sorigny (33km), Joué les Tours (47km),etc. Some offer an overview of the castles of the Loire.
See for info:

Several baptisms by helicopter or balloon over the castles of the Loire (Amboise, Chaumont, etc..) Are also provided by agencies or clubs.
See for info

4x4 and QUAD : many the roads surrounding the landscape. Various clubs and agencies offer trips in 4x4 or quad.
See for info:  http://www.annuaire-quad.fr/indre-loire-c-58.html
CLIMBING: Various clubs offer the escalation room or outside in Indre-et-Loire or in the Poitou
See for info : http://www.ffme.fr/cr/centre/page/37cd.htm
Finally, some sites resume all kinds of sports (parachuting, gliding, martial arts, gymnastics, baseball, basketball, caving, handball, hockey, diving, rowing, karting, bowling, dance, paint-ball, rugby, squash, shooting archery, shooting, mountain biking, etc.). and clubs available to you in Indre et Loire or in the Poitou.
For example :
http://www.lanouvellerepublique.fr/dossiers/lvo/index.php?aff=1&rub=AC&lng=FR&dep=37/ for l’Indre-et-Loire, http://www.lanouvellerepublique.fr/dossiers/lvo/index.php?aff=1&rub=AC&lng=FR&dep=86/ for la Vienne, and http://www.lanouvellerepublique.fr/dossiers/lvo/index.php?aff=1&rub=AC&lng=FR&dep=79/ for les Deux-Sèvres.
A wide variety of cultural places can be visited nearby or in the region Loire-Anjou-Touraine. In addition to the events,theatre, concerts, exhibitions, and seasonal activities, we advise you to contact directly the Offices of Tourism (see http://office.tourisme-richelieu.fr). We offer below a list containing the most of the local cinemas and most important historical, artistic and cultural sites in the region. This list is, of course, not complete.

Richelieu (15 km) :


Chinon (28 km) :


Loudun (34 km) :


Tours (51 km) :


Poitiers (59 km) :

Richelieu (15 km)  classified as cite de Richelieu. Place des Religieuses, Grande rue, Halles, Eglise, portails, Parc du Château du Cardinal de Richelieu.
For more information : http://www.ville-richelieu.fr/index_flash.htm/
L’Ile Bouchard (16 km) : Prieuré-cure Saint Léonard (classified), Parish Church St Gilles (pilgrimage of the diocese of Tours linked to the apparitions of the Virgin Mary), Chapelle des Cordeliers, Eglise St Maurice.
For more information : http://www.villorama.com/ville/l'ile-bouchard/
For more info on the place of pilgrimage:http://www.ilebouchard.com/
Tavant (18 km) : Church Saint-Nicolas de Tavant the crypt and its superb frescos (XIe century).
For more information : http://www.draccentre.culture.gouv.fr/expos/Tavant/Tavant.html
 Rivière (24 km) : charming classified church (Eglise Notre-Dame) the original frescoes and located on the outskirts of Vienna.
For more information:

18. Ile Bouchard, St Gilles church, panel explaining the apparitions and message of the Virgin | 19. Ile Bouchard, Church of St Gilles, a place of visitation of the Virgin (Photo MOG, August 2008)

Crissay-sur-Manse (22 km) : classified small town, castle ruins, small restaurants.
For more information : http://www.villagesdefrance.free.fr/page_crissay_sur_manse.htm
Loudun (34 km) : Cited interesting in terms of historical heritage: dungeon, college, Ste Croix.
For more information : http://www.ville-loudun.fr/
Montbazon (38 km) : Donjon du Faucon noir, tavern on the edge of Vienna.
For more information:
Moncontour (49 km) : Donjon de Moncontour (Vienne), built in 1040 by Foulque Nerra, and known for the seats and repeated battles.
For more information : http://www.moncontour-vienne.org/
Champigny-sur-Veude (16 km) : Castle of Champigny-sur-Veude and Chapelle St Louis (windows du XVIe siècle).
For more information : http://www.champigny-sur-veude.com
Le Rivau (23 km) : Château du Riveau and Garden.
For more information : http://www.chateaudurivau.com
Saché (31 km) : Castle, museum Balzac, literary walk
For more information : http://www.musee-balzac.fr/
   Seuilly (33 km) : Musée Rabelais, house of the writerFrançois Rabelais (La Devinière), and Abbaye de Seuilly (Indre et Loire)
For more information:
20. Seuilly, room de Rabelais à la Devinière (Photo MOG, august 2008) | 21. Abbaye de Seuilly, Etampes (Photo MOG, august 2008) | 22. Abbaye de Seuilly (Photo MOG, august 2008) | 23. Abbaye de Seuilly (Photo MOG august 2008)
Azay-le-Rideau (34 km) : Château d’Azay-le-Rideau and his parc. Large classic of « Châteaux de la Loire ».
For more information : http://azay-le-rideau.monuments-nationaux.fr/
Montbazon (38 km) : Château de Montbazon, son donjon and his Virgin.
For more information : http://www.donjon-montbazon.net/
Montsoreau (43 km) : Château de Montsoreau, castle de la Dame de Montsoreau. Big classic des « Châteaux de la Loire ».
For more information : http://www.chateau-montsoreau.com/
Oiron (49 km) : Castle and his gardens
For more information : http://www.oiron.fr/
Fontevraud (44 km) : exceptionnal place of l’Abbaye Royale de Fontevraud (Maine et Loire) ; gisants de Richard Cœur de Lion, Aliénor D’Aquitaine, Henry II Plantagenet.
For more information : http://www.abbaye-fontevraud.com/v3/home/
Rigny-Ussé (41 km) : Castle of Rigny-Ussé ou Château de la Belle at the sleeping Wood
For more information: http://www.chateaudusse.fr/
Loches (47 km) : Medieval town, castle and dungeon; museums
For more information : http://www.chateau-loches.fr/
Villandry (45 km) : Château de Villandry and gardens. Big classic of Châteaux de la Loire.
For more information : http://www.chateauvillandry.com/
La Riche (52 km) : Prieuré St Côme, remains of the poet Pierre de Ronsard, brother of Charles de Ronsard, who was abbot at l’Abbaye de Bois-Aubry.
For more information : http://www.prieure-ronsard.fr
Saumur (55 km) : Château de Saumur, ville de Saumur, Cadre Noir, vineyards, caves and troglodyte houses. Grand classique des « Châteaux de la Loire ».
For more information : http://www.saumur-tourisme.net/chateausaumur.html
Chenonceau (65 km) : Château de Chenonceau. Grand classique des « Châteaux de la Loire ».
For more information : http://www.chenonceau.com/media/fr/index_fr.php
Amboise (68 km) : Château d’Amboise and his mini castle parc. Big classic of « Châteaux de la Loire ».
For more information : http://www.chateau-amboise.com/   http://www.mini-chateaux.com/
Montrésor (64 km) : Castle and village of Montrésor. Nearby : Chartreuse du Liget, la Corroirie du Liget, le Prieuré de Grandmont-Villiers.
For more information : http://www.tourisme-valdindrois-montresor.com/index.php?page=histoire&id_docs=3
Clos Lucé (68 km) : Château du Clos Lucé, Parc Léonardo da Vinci. Big classique « Châteaux de la Loire ».
For more information : http://www.vinci-closluce.com/index.asp
Chaumont sur Loire (87 km) : Castle. Big classic des « Châteaux de la Loire ».
For more information : http://www.domaine-chaumont.fr/index.php
Brissac Quincé (90km) : Château de Brissac, vineyards (Maine et Loire).
For more information : http://www.chateau-brissac.fr/
Cheverny (104km) : Château de Cheverny. Big Classic « Châteaux de la Loire ». Expo Tintin.
For more information : http://www.chateau-cheverny.fr
Blois (107km) : Château de Blois. Big classic of « Châteaux de la Loire ».
For more iniformation : http://www.chateaudeblois.fr
Chambord (119km) : Château de Chambord. Big classic of « Châteaux de la Loire ».
For more information : http://www.chambord.org
Finally, for the most courageous, we also recommend visiting interesting cities slightly further afield. Niort (castle) and the Marais Poitevin (the Green Venice), La Rochelle (port, beach, aquarium, ile de Ré Island , 'Oléron, Fort Boyard) and Nantes (La Baule).
We offer below a list information regarding the major theme parks, attractions or entertainment close to the Abbey. This list is not exhaustive, given the number of amusement parks and entertainment offered by the region:
Saint Benoît Aventure (37km) : amusement parc..
For more information : http://www.saintbenoitaventure.com/tarifs.html
Futuroscope (48km) : amusement parc and cultural animation of Futuroscope.
For more information : http://www.futuroscope.com
Lac de St Cyr (41km) : parc et lac de St Cyr (golf and watersports).
For more information: http://www.parcdesaintcyr.fr
Lulu Parc (56km) : amusement parc for children at Rochecorbon.
For more information : http://www.luluparc.com
Doué la Fontaine (70km): Zoo (superb !) and rose garden of Doué la Fontaine.
For more information: http://www.zoodoue.fr
Fantasy Forest (79 km) : trip in the forest, karting, paint-ball, Disc Golf, Canoë, VTT, souterrain, escalade. For more information : http://www.fantasyforest.fr/index.html


Puy du Fou (122km): parc of Puy du Fou (120 km). Attractions, divers shows, cinéscénie etc. Super !
For more information : http://www.puydufou.com/fr/
Eurodisney (310km): Paris in TGVdeparture at Tours. Disney resort. Super !
For more information : http://www.disneylandparis.com/
Parc Astérix (314km): attraction park
For more information : http://www.parcasterix.fr/
The Parc naturel régional Loire-Anjou-Touraine, and Poitou, have a great reputation for food and wine.

Angers, Saumur, Orleans, Tower, Bourgueil, Chinon, Loches, Poitiers ... So many historic and gastronomic ... What vineyards and cellars to go ... In these famous cities and their surrounding countryside, local products, the wine tasting and cooking steps are an integral part of culture. Who knows indeed, in the region of the Chateaux de la Loire, the Loire guinguettes, or wines of the Loire ... Who knows the great classified growths of Bordeaux, the rillettes du Mans and Tours, Sainte Maure cheese, the stuffed Poitevins the mâche Nantes, melons of Dive, Orléans vinegar, truffles and saffron Touraine, pears and apples typed Touraine ... Not to mention the foie gras, jellies, jams, honey, vinegar, etc 

For example : http://www.passion-gastronomie.com/guide/centre/37_indre_et_loire

For wine lovers, this is a dream come true. If the organoleptic examination reveals already the size of the wealth of controlled appellations that surround us, the mouth is there for us to confirm ... to include the near Chinon, Bourgueil and the St Nicolas de Bourgueil, Saumur and the Saumur-Champigny without forgetting the Touraine, Vouvray the ... A little further west are the Anjou, Anjou-Villages and Anjou Village Brissac, and the Coteaux du Layon, Coteaux de l'Aubance and Savennieres. If we continue in the same direction, it will cross to complete Ancenis Muscadets on and on Muscadets Lie. As against, if one undertakes a little further east, we soon found the Sancerre and Menetou-Salon. Finally, a little further south-west, the famous Bordeaux: Médoc, Haut-Médoc, Pomerol, Margaux, St Emilion, St Julien, Entre-deux-Mers ... and leading luminary of the illustrious "Pauillac ».

As for gastronomy, excellent restaurants all over the towns and surrounding countryside, whatever your budget is... The guides (Michelin, Gault et Millau, etc..) will guide you step by step in the discovery of the places! 

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